Hello All,

My name is Brenda and I am the owner of Chef Tech, and creator of DoughEZ, the precision non-stick dough system. I am a self taught baking enthusiast with a passion for baking and a recent obsession for creating custom hand decorated cookies. I have created custom hand decorated cookies for friends, family, holidays and events. My passion for cookie decorating has led me to pursue the most perfect cookie canvas. I love to bake and decorate; but the thought of having misshapen, unevenly baked or tough cookies due to overworked dough was less than appealing. Even more frustrating was having flour all over and dealing with the messy clean ups was even worse. I was tired of wrestling with wax paper, cling wraps or other items that would wrinkle, leave creases in the dough, or were not reusable. I struggled with other messy ways of rolling dough. I wanted a faster, easier and cleaner way to prepare my favorite dough recipes. That’s why I created the DoughEZ dough rolling mat. If you love to bake but hate the stress and mess of rolling out dough then I invite you to take a look at this new product. It’s DoughEZ! And You’re Going to Love the Way We Roll! We have spent months designing and testing materials in preparation of bringing this most innovative product to market. DoughEZ is even Kid Tested and Mother Approved! So whether you are a seasoned baker or just a beginner, our patent pending dough rolling mat design and method will enable you to roll out your favorite dough recipes with ease and make clean up a breeze.


Chef Tech’s mission is to provide customers with quality home products that bring simplicity and basic designs into the kitchen. The company will include some very unique designs into its products, which will differentiate them from competing products. The patent pending DoughEZ  rolling system will accomplish this by focusing on ergonomics and bring state of the art materials into its designs. The company’s goal is to keep designs simple; yet have products function in the most efficient way to enhance its customers’ ease of use.


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