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Holiday Sugar Cookie Recipe by DoughEZ

Summer is nearing the end and the holidays are just around the corner. 16 weeks to go…there it is, I said it! Whether you are headed to an end of summer Labor Day Party or starting to plan sweet treats for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, these sugar cookies are perfect for any celebration. You can make these cookies … Continue reading Holiday Sugar Cookie Recipe by DoughEZ

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Christmas Cookie Recipes

Best Christmas Cookies - Simple Solution DoughEZ, a Precision Dough Rolling System. Buy Now 10% Off Use Code: 10OFFSUMMER This simple to use pastry mat kit will change the way you roll. Its affordable, reusable, non-stick/ non-slip design will allow bakers of all skill levels to roll out their favorite dough recipes with ease! No Flour, No … Continue reading Christmas Cookie Recipes
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Rolled Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe by DoughEZ

Baking cookies with the kids is a fun project for the whole family, especially when they are made from scratch. Anyone can take some store bought cookie dough, throw it on a cookie sheet, toss it in the oven and wait fifteen minutes for the timer to go off. Yeah, that’s fine for a quick batch, … Continue reading Rolled Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe by DoughEZ

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